Do you have to be on a Keto diet to get results?
NO- If you are on ketogenic diet then your body is actively being fueled by ketones ( so it is searching for ketones ).. If you are not using a ketogenic diet you will still get a small energy boost ( whenever your body does use the ketones in the blood) , but your body is not actively hunting for ketones since it is not in the chemical state of ketosis
By DungeonMaster Mark on April 22, 2019
If i want to use this to lose weight, do i need to be on a restricted keto diet? i am doing more proteins less carbs but not completely keto.
No you don't have to be on the keto diet. I'm doing the same thing more proteins less carbs it is just what works for your body and so far this works for me with taken these pills
By Reese on April 20, 2019
Can you take the supplement without being on a keto diet
Yes- BHB can still provide your body with some Ketones ( so you will get some benefit). The reason why it works better for those on a ketogenic diet is that the body is already in the state of Ketosis ( so the body is actively looking for ketones in the blood for fuel ). Normally if you are eating enough sugar and carbs the body is not in ketosis - is it using Glucose ( from broken down carbs as fuel)
By DungeonMaster Mark on April 22, 2019
Seems like every just gets improved energy, are people actually losing weight?
Yes I have actually lost weight with these pills I went from 137lbs to 129lbs if you eat healthy and exercise some you will see faster results
By Reese on April 20, 2019
weight loss is caused by caloric deficit...not the pills. If you have more energy exercise more and use that to drop body fat
By DungeonMaster Mark on April 20, 2019
Does this product have caffeine or any other type of caffeine?
They do not have any caffeine
By DungeonMaster Mark on April 22, 2019
I have a hard time swallowing pills. Can someone please tell me how large these pills are? Thanks!
The pills are not small but you can open the Capsules and take it that way but the taste might be nasty
By Reese on April 20, 2019
Is this product stimulant free?
No... . it contains magnesium beta hydroxybutyrate, calcium beta hydroxybutyrate, and sodium beta hydroxybutyrate... with magnesium stearate, rice flour, and cellulose to make the veggie capsule. That’s why they give a “boost” to your workouts... just like the amino acids that are suggested to take with them. Simply look up “BHB” or “beta hydroxybutyrate” or just “hydroxybutyrate” and you can read all about it. I have no ill effects from these, and I have kidney cancer... and I take both BHB and amino acids. If you’re not on low carb and doing some sort of exercise, don’t bother... this is NOT going to be the miracle weight loss pill people are looking for. It merely assists the lifestyle change and workout program you’re on.
By SteelersGal4Ever on April 26, 2019